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Andrea Basile

I have loved teaching and coaching since the age of 16. I feel incredibly passionate about using my experience in the dance world to educate and guide pre-professional dancers on their journey. Musicality, work ethic, versatility, attention to detail, technique, artistry, quality of movement, intention, and strength are all of great importance to me. I strive to see each dancer for who they are, uncover their highest potential, break through their barriers, and help them surpass their goals.

Teaching & Coaching


I'm currently teaching and choreographing year round at Magnify Dance Center in Albuquerque, NM. I also visit Marin Dance Theater in San Rafael, CA several times a year for their summer intensive program and to choreograph.

Ballet . Pointe . Contemporary . Improvisation . Composition


Each dancer is very unique and fitting in one-on-one sessions is incredibly important for each dancer in order to assess body mechanics, alignment, technique, and to address any imbalances that might be going on. Taking the time to do this will produce a technically proficient dancer who knows their body and is less injury prone.


True growth of a student is in the process. Whether it's working on choreography or preparing for a competition... working privately with a dance coach who can see your potential and know how to get you there is key. Learning how to access your technique while exploring your artistry is something that must be explored and practiced. 

I am also available for coaching sessions through Zoom. Please contact me for rates. Thank you!

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