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Over 20 Years of Professional Dance Experience

Andrea Basile is a native of Albuquerque, NM.  Ms. Basile began training under the direction of Karen Alwin and Lynn Cox and to this day works very closely with them on training pre-professional dancers in NM and CA. Ms. Basile continued her training at the San Francisco Ballet School before starting her professional career. She is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, photographer, and most recently founded The Five Point Dancer Method as an online resource to advocate for the wellness of young dancers. She moved to San Francisco after high school and continued to have a 20 year professional dance career in the Bay Area. Through many years of experience as a dancer, she has become passionate about building a solid foundation of support and informative guidance for the next generation of dancers. She recently moved back to New Mexico, and is currently co-owner of Magnify Dance Center, and Artistic Director of Magnify Dance Ensemble. 


Ms. Basile has performed with numerous dance companies, including The San Francisco Ballet, ODC Dance, Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet, Kate Weare Company, Amy Seiwert’s Imagery, Smuin Ballet, The Lawrence Pech Dance Company, and The Foundry.  Ms. Basile’s performance highlights include classical and contemporary works; Allegro Brilliante (Balanchine), Glass Pieces (Robbins), La Bayadere (Petipa), Etudes (Lander),Othello (Lar Lubovitch), Swan Lake (Tomasson), the premier of Mark Morris’Sandpaper Ballet, The People of The Forest Project (Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet), Drop Down (The Kate Weare Company), It’s Not a Cry (Amy Seiwert’s Imagery), and more. Founder and Artistic Director of LINES Contemporary Ballet, Alonzo King, choreographed Pas for Ms. Basile and Homer Avila which premiered with Axis Dance Company, toured across the United States, and was featured on the cover of Dance Magazine.


Ms. Basile’s teaching career spans 23 years. She teaches ballet, pointe, jazz, hip hop, contemporary ballet, improvisation, Technique Integration, and Five Point Fit. Ms. Basile has been an instructor at many dance schools, including Alwin’s School of the Dance, LINES Ballet School, San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, Cincinnati Ballet Academy, Marin Ballet, Marin Dance Theater, the ODC School, and now Magnify Dance Center. She has taught for professional companies such as: ODC Dance, Smuin Ballet, Amy Seiwert’s Imagery, and Robert Moses’ KIN. Ms. Basile served as a choreographer’s assistant to Marc Brew, a leading choreographer from the UK, and Ballet Mistress for AXIS Dance Company.  During her time in San Francisco, Ms. Basile worked under the mentorship of two top dance photographers and began to photograph for different dance companies and performers. She then became the photographer for the San Francisco Ballet for three years before returning back to full time dancing and to this day continues to photograph for dancers and dance schools in New Mexico.


Ms. Basile has furthered her education by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and believes that dancers are athletes as well as artists, which has become a major part of the creation of the Five Point Dancer Method. This multifaceted program works with students to create a more mindful and well rounded dancer through workshops, online resources, and services offered by highly certified health professionals. She brings all of this knowledge and experience together to share her passion for dance with others and to continue to help each dancer she works with reach their maximum potential.


Ms. Basile has choreographed solos for numerous dance competitions, including YAGP, ADC/IBC, and the Cecchetti International Ballet Competition. Her choreography has also been featured in many showcases and summer intensives of pre-professional ballet schools. Within the past several years she has had the opportunity to choreograph at Marin Dance Theatre, where she creates several new works per year on their top pre-professional students. Andrea is also honored to serve as Artistic Director for Magnify Dance Ensemble where she also choreographs for their shows each year. 


As her love for dancing grew, so did her love for photographing it. After a few years of experimenting and working with several mentors in San Francisco, CA, she found herself contracted to photograph for the San Francisco Ballet. She was incredibly thankful to have had that opportunity and learned so much from watching and capturing such beauty close up. She created a darkroom in her house and became fully invested in the art. After many years of photographing dancers, dance companies, and theater productions, she took a hiatus to finish her dance career and now relates her eye for photography to how she teaches her students in their technique classes. 

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