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Founder: Andrea Basile

Andrea can help guide you through understanding the Five Point Dancer Method and how you can apply it to your everyday life. Contact her for an "Intro" session to determine what steps to take next. Parents of dancers under the age of 18, please call for this session.

30 min.  


Email for pricing on all Five Point Dancer Services.

New for 2020!

FPDancer  Zoom Community Chats

I am really excited about this!

- Discuss the FPD Method/Points.

- Support your friends in a safe space.

- Problem solve possible mental blocks. 

- Meet new dancers in the FPD Community.

- Be a contributor and a mentor to others.

- Find a new support system and ask questions.

- We will have fun too!!  

- Ages 15-20

* Every other week on Sunday MST 4:30-5:30pm.

Pay by the month - $30 per month August 16th & 30th!

Email for more info!

Creating A Roadmap To Success

Getting a plan in place is incredibly important in order to achieve your goals and reach your maximum potential. Each dancer will be looked at as a individual so your path will not look like anyone else's. Once you understand that, creating it will be fun! Work with Andrea to get a plan in place and the feeling of being proactive will immediately give you the motivation to continue. Use these 45 minute sessions to dig a little deeper and discover where you are thriving and where you should focus your attention next. 

* Discovery Session *

I Mean Business

Are you planning to audition this year? Did you just land a Trainee Position? Do you know what you want to accomplish but just need some guidance to get there? Are you ready to jump all in? If so, consider a Five Point Package and hit the ground running.

This package includes a 5 session series - organizing all Five Points into a roadmap that makes the most sense for you. You will be guided the whole way through! If you are committed ... this approach will get you fast results in a short amount of time. Please call for more detailed information.  45 min. each

* Five Point Package *

Within The Process

If you are in the process of working with Andrea and need an extra "check in" or "follow up" session, please don't hesitate to call.  Asking for support along the way is very common and crucial. Don't be afraid to ask!  These 30 minute sessions are meant to answer fairly quick questions, receive reminders, or just have a moment to share in how you are doing in the process.  

* Quick Look Session *