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Melody Krech - Bear Canyon Therapy & Associates

   "It is a pleasure, as an experienced physical therapist, to have been  a part of the first Five Point Dancer Workshop.  I have had the pleasure and challenge of working with dancers for 33 years.  A brilliant dancer is not just flexibility, beautiful feet or a strong core - but an athlete that combines all of these elements with an artistry that lives in the heart and mind and is able to translate that to the body to share the magic with the rest of us.  I have chosen to help dancers that have injuries, a desire to progress more quickly or have been misled to believe that one strategy can advance them to the next level.  I am so excited to support Andrea Basile and the Five Point Dancer Method.  Ms. Basile has the intelligence, integrity and humility to build a format that address the reality of the many facets that combine to provide the strength, artistry, and brilliance of a healthy growing athlete and dancer.  A comprehensive approach that challenges the dancer to grow in all areas is imperative to achieve life long health and opportunities.  Just as a flat stone is dull and unimpressive, and a multifaceted stone is full of fire, sparkle and brilliance - the training format of a beautiful dancer must address a variety of teaching elements.  Ms. Basile has challenged herself to expand her education to understand the functionality of the muscular system to add to her ability to teach in a well rounded manner.  Her willingness to add the expertise of other professionals demonstrates her complete commitment to advancing dancers in a comprehensive manner. The Five Point Dancer concept is an asset to dancers of all levels of expertise and goals."    Melody Krech

I wouldn't be where I am today without the teachers and mentors I have had in my dancing career. I was lucky to have one special mentor in my life, Andrea Basile, who guided me, coached me, inspired me and paved a way for me to succeed in this very competitive industry. She introduced me to her dance connections, not realizing that one day - years later - these connections would become a huge part of my career! Looking back at my journey, I owe my career to a handful of teachers, parents, and especially to Andrea for taking an interest in a little girl with big dreams, and never giving up on me. Her wisdom, experience and passion for dance allowed me to learn what it takes to survive and thrive in the dance world. I hope that one day I can mentor someone and make a difference in their life just as Andrea made a difference in mine.   

Tessa Barbour

SMUIN Ballet

I didn’t fully understand what this program was about. Looking at the schedule, I was very confused considering the fact that a large portion of the week was dedicated to talking. I so am glad it was. These talks transformed my mind set in ways that I did not think were possible. All around, I am more positive and willing to work harder with everything I do, dance related and not. I found myself facing issues with more effective approaches and learned to panic less. The classes that we had done daily were focused on technique alongside artistry, and I personally found it much more effective than other classes. I was inspired and had a new approach to my work. The improv classes were terrifying at first as I felt dry. I felt that there were no new movements that I could use that would appear impressive. I wasn’t looking at it in the right way. By the end of the week, I looked at improv with an open mind, and open heart. It wasn’t supposed to be tricks or for other people to judge, it was for myself, my own mind, my own improvements. I felt different, and it made me happy and more confident in myself. I walked into this program with little confidence, and walked out with more than I’ve had since I was little. I am different now, and I want to keep changing.

Polina Myers

Marin Dance Theatre

Over the years Andrea Basile has shaped me into the dancer and person I am today. From the beginning of my private sessions with Andrea, I immediately formed a strong connection with her. Each and every time I saw her, she addressed my concerns and with her guidance, I made improvement consistently. Andrea is one of the most influential people in my life and I rely on her in so many ways! "

Abby Pezzolo

Marin Dance Theatre

Ms. Andrea I admire how you have put your entire heart into this workshop, and all of your work has paid off. This past week has been incredibly inspiring and eye opening for me. I have been in a difficult space lately, and this experience - along with your constant love and support, has helped me come to realizations within myself and guided me towards more peace of mind. Thank you for being a mentor for me and sharing so much wisdom and insight. Your kindness and open arms means the world to me. 

Kristen Carrara

Magnify Dance Center

Thank you so much for creating this workshop! It has helped me soooo much! I can't even imagine how much work you did for us and I appreciate it more that you'll ever know. You are a pure inspiration to me. I want to be just like you when I grow up!

Lauren Lesher

Magnify Dance Center

The Five Point Dancer Workshop was an incredible experience for me. It allowed me to feel safe in a room full of people and not feel judged. I learned to control my inner critic, and I am now more able to focus on the work and less what other people are thinking. I feel more free in my own body and I feel very comfortable being myself when improvising. I feel stronger in my artistry as a dancer and with my physical strength. I found the program to be an amazing experience where I met fantastic people and learned so much about me.

Malina Wahl

Marin Dance Theatre

I learned SO much from this workshop. This workshop helped me know that my inner self critic was the only thing really holding me back from being able to do my best. That self critic that I learned to quiet down has been so much less in my way recently and day by day I try to continue to turn those once negative thoughts into more productive thoughts that won't put me down and I think of things that will help me get to where I wanna be. 

Another part of five pointe dancer that I enjoyed so very much was the cross training. The cross training we did always made me feel so good and athletic during it and after. I enjoyed the cross training classes the most when we did circuits for  most of the class so we could pick and choose all the exercise we personally wanted to do based on how our body was feeling.

Casey Cox

Marin Dance Theatre

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