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Become Empowered.

Create Your Dance Experience.

The Five Point Dancer Method

Rachel Jones: YAGP

Mindset . Work Ethic . Nutrition . Injury Prevention . Cross Training

Levy Dance

Photo: Five Point Dance Photography

Levy Dance

The Five Point Dancer Method was established to help guide and mentor dancers along their dance journey using positive self-assessment tools, the knowledge of trusted professional resources, and a curriculum structured in supporting all five points of the program.


Through Mindset, Work Ethic, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, and Cross Training, each dancer will begin to understand how they can achieve their goals, become empowered, and more fully enjoy their own dance experience! 

Photo: Lawrence Luk, Marin Dance Theatre

Workshops . Mentorship . Tools . Coaching . Parent Support

Natalia Harrison
Rachel Jones
Carolina Centenera & Natalia Harrison
Marin Dance Theatre
Marin Dance Theatre
Magnify Dance Ensemble
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