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Find Your Mind/Body Connection


Learning to calm the mind is critical for everyone including dancers. As dancers, our mind tends to be busy with correcting our technique, striving for perfection, judging ourselves, remembering choreography, worrying about our future, thinking about what to eat or not eat, amongst many other things. Is this you?

There are many things you can do to help find your focus and if you are patient enough to give meditation a try, it can greatly improve your life in many ways. Whether you are feeling impatient in line at the store or preparing for an audition, focusing on your breath is key. Finding your focus can be very difficult in an environment where you are watched all day long by your peers, teachers, directors, and audience members. Whether you find a Yoga or Meditation class near by, or you look online for guided meditations... working your way towards bringing your attention to your breath, clearing your mind, and blocking out external distractions can be an incredible tool for you to use in many situations. 


Your brain is going to produce thoughts no matter what.  However, you have the ability to control how you react to them.  Try creating a filter for yourself and give less importance to the thoughts that will not serve you or others well. Redirect your focus and give importance to thoughts that will benefit you and your progress. 


Some people have a hard time connecting with the idea that self care is not self indulgent in a negative way. You have GOT to take care of yourself. Learning how to do this on your own when you move away from home can be challenging. The truth is, it doesn't get easier once you get older and start a family or try to balance several jobs. Within the dance world you are pushing your bodies and your minds to the max. You will need the time to relax, recover, and rejuvenate yourself again. Part of learning about yourself and your body will include a little experimentation to figure out what helps you do this best. Each person is different, and learning about what works best for you will lead you to a more balanced life, a longer and less injury prone career, and will also effect those around you in a more positive way. The type of energy your put out is the type of energy you will attract!

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