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In order to achieve a high level of achievement you must sustain a strong determination and never let go of your passion. Why do you keep dancing? More than likely because you are passionate about it. Strive not to loose this along your journey. Be continually aware of your mindset and read on to understand how this can serve you well and keep you at the top of your game!

"You can change your life in the blink of an eye by changing your mindset."  

Video: Dr. Alia Crum

What Creates a Strong Work Ethic?

By: Andrea Basile


Being a dancer requires an incredible amount of discipline. You must learn to create attainable goals for yourself and continue to strive to reach them. This is how dancers manage to continually improve on their technique and artistry. 

Are you dedicated to your craft? Will you show up to all of your classes and work outside of normal class hours on your own? Will you do the exercises your teachers have told you to do in order to gain strength and stability? If you can maintain a strong sense of discipline, you will prove to yourself and others you possess the best qualities it takes to make it in a professional company. 

Sense of Responsibility

Dancers must take responsibility seriously. So much of your career depends on being responsible. From showing up on time and warming up before a show, to organizing your pointe shoes and scheduling your audition tour... you have got to be on top of things. Directors and teachers will take note if responsibility is not a part of your work ethic. 

Quality and Presence 

Within this art form dancers are always on display. Quite strange and unlike other jobs... yes. In order to show a strong commitment to what you do, think about how to best present yourself. Some dancers walk in to the studio like they just woke up. Will you be able to dance your best this way?  Probably not.  Take care in how you present yourself from the dance clothes your choose to wear to how you do your hair. Create your own style but do it well. Chances are you will feel more confident dancing with a sense of presence, clarity, and stature. Don't get by with the bare minimum. You should care are about the quality of your presence and your work. 


In some audition processes directors are not just looking at your dancing, but how well you work with others. You need to be a team player.  Whether you are working as a corps dancer or in a company that collaborates with the dancers within the creative process... having a personality that can work well with others is very important. Respect the dancers and staff you work with, always lend a helping hand, be supportive and encouraging, and be aware of when your opinion is appreciated and when it's not. 


Integrity stretches to all aspects of dance and jobs in the world. A dancer with integrity builds trusting relationships with other dancers, coaches, and choreographers.  The ability for dancers to dance with a sense of honesty and integrity creates a believable and beautiful place to generate movement from. If people in the field can trust your dancing, advice, and feedback, you have the chance to build gracefully on your reputation. This way of working will prove to benefit you later on in life if your path leads you into teaching, choreography, bodywork, or numerous other careers. 

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